Interactive Site LifeSelector Launches, Taps Mickey Bojcsik

Rhett Pardon

CYBERSPACE —, a new interactive adult site and affiliate program, has launched to the public.

LifeSelector offers a credit-based "choose your own adventure"-type adult interactive website to consumers.

Managing Director Mickey Bojcsik said the premise of the site is to get users immersed in adult fantasies from point-of-view and director's view perspectives. The site has been in private beta testing.

The streaming interactive video site allows users to watch, interact and ultimately decide the outcome of the stories.

"LifeSelector users can choose from various types of stories and roles, ranging from every day fantasies to alpha male fantasies," Bojcsik said. "Our goal is to cater to many tastes and go beyond offering "simple" forms of adult entertainment without losing sight of the purpose of why they visited in the first place."

Bojcsik, whose background includes working with a leading live cam site and dating program in his 10 years in Internet commerce, points to two key benefits of their product from an affiliate's perspective.

"Interactive online products remain strong performers in an increasingly 'sharing oriented' business environment where traditional content is more freely available," Bojcsik said. "Interactivity creates unique experiences that are hard to replicate, recreating these same experiences is not as simple as uploading files to a video or file sharing site. The platform's needed for the full experience and customers are willing to pay a premium for it."

"For consumers, LifeSelector uses a credit-based business model. Similar to live cams, users purchase credits, which can be spent on "premium decision points" throughout interactive shows. Multiple new shows are added each week to keep members engaged and ensure credit spend and user lifetime value remain high. The combination of a credit based model and frequent updates allows affiliates to break out of the earning limitations of a monthly membership based model." Bojcsik added.

LifeSelector offers a content partnership program for content producers and paysite owners and a whitelabel solution for high-traffic partners.

"Our tests during an extensive invite-only beta phase resulted in impressive conversion ratios and credit re-purchase trends, even in cases where we tested with otherwise less productive traffic," Bojcsik said.

For information on the affiliate program visit, or contact Mickey Bojcsik at