The Screaming O Debuts Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has debuted advanced, high-powered Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets, combining form, function and fashion in an effort to create shoppers’ new favorite bullet vibe. Each four-function vibe features a smooth soft-coat finish that glides across the skin in five vivid jewel-tone hues.

Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets combine the power of The Screaming O’s original Bullets with the tease and please action of a four-function vibe to create the ultimate micro bullet. Each Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullet features a super-charged motor that buzzes at three powerful speeds and one bonus pulse pattern with a whisper-quiet hum that no one will hear, the company said.

“Our single-speed Bullets are considered one of the most powerful on the market and have remained on the top-seller list since their debut, so we set out to create the ultimate advanced compact bullet vibe technology,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “We designed our Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets with a silky finish, vivid jewel tones, and three powerful vibration speeds plus a pleasing tease pattern to give shoppers everything they could want in a supreme Screaming O bullet vibe.”

Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets are packaged in elegant black foil “get ‘em and go” pouches that allow each mini vibe to be switched on and let shoppers experience every level before they buy. Displayed in a sleek counter-top box, Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets could be an ideal point-of-purchase product to keep close to the register, according to The Screaming O.

“We’re so proud of these Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets and we encourage distributors and retailers to take The Screaming O Bullet challenge with any current multifunction speed bullets,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Compare the competition to our Soft-Touch Multifunction Bullets and you’ll see a dramatic difference. Your customers will thank you for it!”

New 3+1 Soft-Touch Bullets are available in vivid Red, Purple, Blue, Pink and Black jewel tones – shoppers can choose their favorite or take home all five to complete their Screaming O ensemble. 3+1 Soft-Touch Bullets are 100% waterproof and vibrate for 80+ minutes of pleasure.

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