Hustler Hollywood Eyeing New Downtown Kentucky Store

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Larry Flynt is considering a new Hustler Hollywood store for downtown Louisville, but the locals are not welcoming the native Kentuckian with open arms.

The Courier-Journal reported that Hustler eyed space on South Fourth Street in the center of an area poised to be a new retail and entertainment destination.

But Alan DeLisle, the Louisville Downtown Development Corp. executive director said although the city wants to develop the area, Hustler’s “not the kind of business we are looking for."

Huster confirmed its interest last Friday, according to the Courier-Journal. “Louisville is on our radar, and we are sure that our fellow Kentuckians there would welcome our beautiful store,” Theresa Flynt, executive vice president of Flynt Management Group said in a statement.

Flynt and his Cincinnati real estate agent [Hustler already has a Cincinnati store] reportedly met with local Louisville real estate agent Fernando Trevino, looking for commercial property.

Trevino said Flynt checked out the Fourth Street property and although didn’t specify Hollywood Hustler, he said he was looking for a site for a retail store similar to the one he has in Lexington that would offer “clothing and accessories.”

Trevino said the pair left town the same day and that he has not heard from either one since. The property owner said he didn’t want his name “in any way” connected with Flynt, and that he “was not comfortable” with Flynt’s interest.

“I don’t think anything is going to happen,” Trevino said.

The Louisville Downtown Development Corp., is reportedly a partially government funded merchandising plan and has recommended that Flynt’s business not be entertained.

Early this year, Flynt’s brother Jimmy Flynt, opened his "Flynt Sexy Gifts" store next to the Super Wal-Mart in Florence, Ky.  He also has a downtown Cincinnati store not far from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Hollywood store.

Although a trademark dispute between the brothers was settled, Jimmy Flynt is appealing his lost bid for a share of the Hustler empire.

Hustler was contacted by XBIZ but declined comment.