Video Secrets Expands Tipping Options

CALABASAS, Calif. — Video Secrets and its network of live webcam sites are expanding opportunities for fans to show appreciation to their favorite live show performers with new tip denominations.

Rather than only offering pre-determined amounts, customers on any of the Video Secrets network of sites can now enter any credit value they want, with a new maximum of 100,000 credits and an exciting “Tip Flood” option that helps high rollers stand out from the crowd to get the extra attention they deserve.

“With our new variable tipping system, performers have more options to entice their customers into tipping amounts that weren’t previously available. This makes it more exciting for customers and profitable for our performers and traffic partners,” said Brad Estes of Video Secrets. “Raising the cap on tips from 1,000 credits to 100,000 credits was also an obvious move in light of the recent record setting tips some performers have been receiving from their most loyal fans."

Among the changes in this variable tipping update comes a brand new “Tip Flood” option that allows customers who tip at least 1,000 credits at a time to have the tip automatically divided into 20 batches of credits that are displayed in the chat window one at a time, filling up the entire chat. While some fans may prefer private shows, others enjoy the spotlight of impressing performers in public chat where customers and the performers can all see how they “start a tip flood."

Video Secrets said that since launching tipping in 2009, business has boomed and tips now account for more than 15 percent of annual revenue. The company said that unlike some cam networks that cater to tips almost exclusively, the Video Secrets network blends the tipping experience alongside the private-show revenue stream where show rates can run as high as $15 per minute. The company said this hybrid approach provides optimal revenue potential for affiliates and performers alike.

Allowing for custom tip amounts dramatically increases the options for performers to create dynamic and engaging experiences in their rooms, according to VS. Affiliates can also capitalize on the growing cam-tipping market by promoting Flirt 4 Free or by creating their own white-label cam site.

For more information about variable tipping from Video Secrets, visit Performers and studio operators can visit to inquire about broadcasting opportunities.