Video: Tera Patrick, Ron Jeremy Shoot No on Measure B Message

LOS ANGELES — Porn stars Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy have shot a video urging people to vote no on Measure B, the L.A. County ballot initiative that would mandate condom use in adult film productions.

Shot by acclaimed industry veteran Axel Braun and funded by the No on Government Waste Committee and Manwin, the spot features Patrick and Jeremy providing facts about performer testing practices and history, safety statistics and a warning about losing the billion-dollar industry to other states.

"Since 1998, the adult entertainment industry has set up a mandatory testing protocol that protects us from contracting sexually transmitted diseases on a film set and from spreading it in our own private lives," Jeremy explains in the video, while Patrick warns that, "a mandatory condom law will not make our workplace any safer, but it will drive our 20-billion-dollar industry and 10,000 jobs out of L.A. County."

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