Exile Unveils Forbidden Fruits Films' New Feature

LOS ANGELES — Forbidden Fruits Films' first full-length feature film has arrived on DVD through Exile Distribution.

Forbidden Fruits Films has been known the past two years for it's edgy, taboo vignettes that take ordinary, day-to-day encounters, and make the characters succumb to forbidden passions, manipulations and pleasures. The storyline on some of these videos can make some viewers uncomfortably aroused, and this latest release is no different, the company said.

“Mother," played  by veteran adult actor Jodi West, is the head mother-figure in this taboo portrayal of blended families gone wrong. It seems that with every turn, she, and the rest of the family members are blurring the lines between right and wrong and manipulating the most innocent in the family for their own sexual gains.

First she sleeps with her stepson, played by Levi Cash, to convince him that even though their family is once again getting bigger, there will always be special time for him. Then, after catching new son Jimmy conning Lexi into giving him a handjob, Jodi manipulates her own adopted daughter, played by the innocent Lexi Kartel, into thinking she might be a lesbian like her real mother, and seduces her for her sexual satisfaction. Cash takes advantage of young Lexi’s confusion, by then manipulating her into having sex with him to show she really likes men also. 

This stepbrother and stepsister engage in a very taboo and sexually energetic scene. Finally, Jodi brings in her new stepson, played by newcomer Jimmy Legend, and teaches him that only sanctioned sexual encounters are going to take place in this twisted home. To confirm that he understands this rule, Mother forces him into a sexual encounter with her, while his own father is waiting for her, so they can leave to have dinner.

"If you think this sounds twisted now, wait until you watch this movie about lines being blurred and boundaries being crossed by the people you are supposed to trust the most!" the producers said.
Forbidden Fruits Films has built a reputation as a niche market storyteller, earning the tag line "The Absolute Best in Taboo Erotica." In the VOD market, Forbidden Fruits Films have continuously held some of the top spots in the VOD sites like HotMovies.com, and AEBN.

In the past month, Forbidden Fruits has released eight episodes of its web series "Memoirs of Bad Mommies" on HotMovies, all of which place HotMovies.com site’s overall Top 30 list.

“It’s really unprecedented,” said HotMovies director of business development James Cybert. “Forbidden Fruits is doing everything right. They hit just the right combination of elements. They shoot the hottest genre going with lovely, MILFy stars Like Jodi West. They retain a believably amateur/reality feel while at the same time having sneaky good production values. It’s convincing, it’s undeniably hot and they are seeing amazing results.”
Forbidden Fruits Films Has chosen Exile Distribution to exclusively handle it's DVD distribution worldwide.