Paxum Joins ACIUF in Fight Against Piracy

Rhett Pardon

PRAGUE — Payment solution provider Paxum has joined the Adult Content Industry United Foundation (ACIUF) in its ongoing fight against online piracy.

ACIUF President Siep Kuppens, said that Paxum's CEO, Octave Moise, stands for "an ethical business practice" and that the processor has set an example for the rest of the industry to follow. 

"It is now agreed that if the ACIUF detects an illegal entity which uses Paxum as a payment system, it will be reported and immediate action will be taken," Kuppens said. "If the entity appears to be illegal the account will be instantly terminated."

"Although Paxum is very keen on their due diligence, every now and then  a pirate, an uploading affiliate or an illegal file locker circumvents the extensive control measures.

Kuppens, who operates as CEO, launched antipiracy group ACIUF in March.