Spankmo Launches Affiliate Program for Mobile Traffic

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA — Spankmo Mobile announced today the launch of its affiliate program for mobile and tablet traffic.

The new platform is powered by NATS affiliate tracking software and features 14 mobile sites including amateur, softcore, porn star, gay, fetish, tranny and more.

All of the sites run on Spankmo’s mobile platform and offers surfers subscriptions for unlimited video streaming.

“The demand for a high quality mobile experience has grown,” Graeme Kingshott, Spankmo CEO said. “Surfers are trading up for smarter devices, with great data plans, along with confidence in making payments on mobile.”

He added that a key part of the approach taken for MobGlam is to incorporate all the possible payment options. “We’ve worked with our billing partners to offer the widest range of join options, built into cascades so that each surfer is presented their optimal payment method.”

Membership to MobGlam sites can be purchased by using credit cards, EU debit, Ukash, direct banking, mobile operator billing, SMS subscriptions and phone billing.

All payment methods earn webmasters at least 50 percent revenue share for life. The company noted that there are strict content rules for mobile payments, and although these pay methods are very popular in some countries, like Germany, they cannot be used for hardcore sites. “We understand the billing rules and don’t want to confuse surfers,” Kingshott said, “so we offer a range of softer sites, for both the straight and gay market, billed through mobile payments.” Hardcore fans in these regulated countries can of course pay by credit card, EU debit or direct banking.

Further developments for the MobGlam program are already planned, including launching more niche sites, with content partner, Cherry Media. “Participating in the MobGlam program enables us to quickly bring new content to the mobile audience, packaged in niche sites that are competitively priced and simple for affiliates to promote,” Julia Dimambro, managing director and founder said.

Kingshott added, “We will be adding billing for Asia and Latin America, and more language translations to the MobGlam program this year. will continue to evolve with the growing mobile adult market.”

For more information about the platform visit or email