Adult Wiki Media Launches 'Vote No on Measure B' Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Adult Wiki Media on Tuesday announced the launch of its own campaign to defeat Measure B on the November election ballot that would require condoms to be mandatory in porn productions.

Sean Tompkins, the founder and operator of Adult Wiki Media, told XBIZ that to begin with his site is offering "Vote No on Measure B" t-shirts to generate funds for local advertising. The t-shirts will be available at Shipping will be included in the $20 cost, and Adult Wiki Media said it projects a 36-hour turnaround on orders.

Adult performers from Spiegler Girls, OC Modeling and Digital Playground have already offered to sign a limited number of shirts for their fans, in addition to several industry legends, Tompkins said. The signed shirts will cost $30, while personalized shirts will be $40, also with shipping included.

Tompkins, who is based in San Antonio and has been in the adult industry on and off since 1998, said the net proceeds will be put toward advertising against Measure B. A former producer of amateur porn and adult retailer who also has a t-shirt company, Tompkins said he fronted the money to have the initial run of t-shirts screened.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten involved,” Tompkins said. “For one thing I don’t like being told what to do by somebody who has no interest in my business. I got involved last year with PornWikiLeaks, and once I did that I started taking up other industry fights. I have friends in the industry and I don’t like bullies, and [AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein’s] a bully. I would hate to see the condom ordinance go through, and to think I didn’t do everything I can do to stop it, somebody’s got to do it.”

On Monday, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) announced the start of its "Yes on Measure B" campaign that involves two TV commercials with former adult performers. Also on Monday, the No On Government Waste Committee called on AHF to halt the TV ads.

Tompkins said he started Adult Wiki Media last May “really as a joke” to counter the rogue PornWikiLeaks site that was posting the personal information of adult performers.

“Everything they did, I copied, only I made it for the industry rather than against the industry,” he said. “Once I realized that people actually like my site I thought I’d stick around."

Tompkins said that industry unity is only way to stand up against Measure B. “I’ve noticed this industry is more fragmented than any industry I’ve ever been a part of,” he reasoned. “If the industry stays fragmented, Weinstein’s going to kick the shit out of everybody.”

He added, “If all those girls use social media — with Twitter there’s a million people that they reach out to every day. Weinstein has money, but these girls actually talk to the people.”

The t-shirt drive isn't the only part of Adult Wiki Media's campaign. Tompkins noted that on Monday four cars began circulating in L.A. with "No on Measure B" signage on them. More advertising plans are in the works, including a post-card flyer campaign with a street team in L.A. Tompkins said he is looking for people to help pass out flyers.

Adult Wiki Media is also organizing a "meet and greet and public photo opportunity" with adult performers on a date to be announced in October in L.A.

"This will give voters a chance to speak with the people the measure will most affect, affording them open and honest answers which can assist them in making an informed choice in the voting booth," Tompkins said.

Performers who would like to get involved with the "Vote No on Measure B" t-shirt sales should contact Tompkins at

"We will provide you with a personal link to our store and will be awarding donated Amazon Gift Cards to the three top sellers," Tompkins said. "Even if you are not a member of the adult industry, if you are interested in helping with the meet and greet, or by distributing information cards in L.A. County, please contact us."

Adult Wiki Media is not affiliated with the No on Government Waste Committee, the Free Speech Coalition or any other adult industry organization or company, according to Tompkins.