AITA, UKAP Release Draft Protocol for HIV, STI Outbreaks

LONDON — UK's top adult entertainment industry trade groups today released today a draft report containing a health protocol for future HIV and STI outbreaks among the country's performers.

AITA, UK's adult industry trade association, and UKAP, the U.K. adult film producers organization, jointly worked on the draft report.

The report does not set forth testing requirements for UK performers; however it does address the mechanisms if a performer tests positive.

After an initial HIV-positive test, according to the draft, performers would be required to take a second test within 10 days. If a re-test among talent comes back positive, then an industrywide shut down would be called for a minimum of 30 days.

AITA plans on being the point of contact for performer outbreaks and it also would check to make sure infected performers receive counseling. AITA also plans on drawing up a legal agreement for performers to sign on their model releases that protects it from possible data protections breaches.

Jason Maskell, an AITA committee member, told XBIZ that the groups are now ready for feedback to gauge whether adult industry performers and producers will support the new protocol.

"The feedback from the UK producers has been very positive so far in bringing in this health protocol," Maskell said.

AITA plans on arranging an open meeting for all performers and producers to attend to discuss the protocol and other options.  

Below is AITA/UKAP's draft health protocol:

The person with HIV/ STI positive test is referred to as "patient"; performers exposed to patient are referred to as "contacts"

1. Patient to contact AITA via or an AITA committee member.

2. AITA to establish what test has been taken and when and arrange a PCR re-test (if HIV). Check patient has adequate resource to counseling and support.

3. Patient to give consent to AITA to communicate with clinic and pass on their details to producers they specifically name.

4. Patient to provide list of producers and production companies they have worked with within the last 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.

5. AITA to contact producers worked with in the last 30 days. Producers to contact anyone who has worked with patient in that period and pass list of contacts to AITA with any other relevant information.

6. If PCR re-test comes back positive then an industrywide shut down is called for a minimum of 30 days and until all contacts have been tested and any second and third tier contact tested.