Cockyboys Announces 'Project GoGoBoy' World Tour

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has announced its "Project GoGoBoy Tour" to celebrate the success of the recently released reality series.

The tour kicked off in August in Philadelphia at TLA's Qfest. This past weekend the stars were at Town Dance boutique in Washington D.C., and are headed to the Machine Nightclub in Boston on Sept. 14.

On Oct. 5 and 6, the tour stops at R Place in Seattle, then on to London on Oct. 11 where CockyBoy exclusives Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero and Jake Bass will appear at London hot spot Room Service.

"Project GoGoBoy has definitely taken a life of its own and has transcended the typical adult film audience. The amount of new viewers outside of the adult base that came to CockyBoys because of this series blew my mind.  I knew it would do well with members and affiliates but I had no idea the amount of cross over appeal it would have until it was finished and each episode was released," Jack Jaxson, CockyBoys owner and director said.

He added, "In honor of the successful online debut of the series we have embarked on the 'Project GoGoBoy World Tour,' hitting clubs around the country and around Europe with the models from the series."

The company said more tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks including a premiere and DVD launch party.

Clubs interested in having the tour visit their venue can contact Out Loud Talent.

In addition to the tour, CockyBoys said it has partnered with TLAgay for an exclusive DVD of "Project GoGoBoy."  The special 2-disc edition will include the entire season of the series along with behind the scenes and “lost” footage, hardcore sex bonuses, an exclusive dance single, and cast reunion special hosted by drag queen, Hedda Lettuce.

The DVD drops this October and can be ordered here.