Casual.White LabelDating Reports Record Breaking Results With eCRM

LONDON reports that it has seen record breaking results from its in-house eCRM program this summer.

The company said that the increase in the volume of email marketing at mirrors a growing demand for adult dating services in the international market.'s head of CRM and merchandising said, “The success that we’ve seen from our Olympic campaigns is particularly encouraging in light of reports that many Olympic campaigns have, in fact, had very little clout, owing to people focusing more on watching the Olympics than anything else. Not only does this demonstrate the effect of member centric eCRM, but shows the inspired longevity of casual dating and its ability to endure both distraction and recession.”

The company said the platform remains an established and active presence in the U.K., U.S., South African and Australian markets and central to this growth, is the ability of the communications team to convert browsers into buyers.

This is largely achieved by their ability to maintain a conscious level of local languages, slang and imagery to ensure that campaigns are tailor made to varying markets, so as to achieve maximum user engagement.

According to the company, CRM caters further to the international market by utilizing worldwide events as a means of making inbox presence count.

"Our biggest, most sustained email campaign to date saw more than 33 million emails sent to our members across the 17 day span of the Olympic games, increasing the number of members online by 30-35 percent, with an impressive increase in revenue compared to the previous month," the company said.

"What’s more,’s core activity extends across all markets. Regular campaigns promise members ‘the breast email you’ll ever get’ whilst innovative, bespoke X-rated Featured Member of the Week campaigns, continue to drive traffic to the sites, regularly achieving click through rates in excess of 75 percent." are both sponsoring and exhibiting at XBIZ EU, Webmaster Access and The European Summit Prague this September.

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