Opens Rev Opps for Site Owners, Producers

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — A new content partnership program called PaidPerView has just launched.

PaidPerView, using a massive traffic network to monetize content, allows content owners to upload partial or full-length videos for display on major adult entertainment sites, including

"Using PaidPerView, our content partners can login to upload video content they own, along with relevant tags and niches to start earning revenue" said David K. of "We pay per page view while also displaying an ad for their own paysite branding purposes and sending click-through traffic to their sites on an affiliate basis.

"Content owners can also track all the activity using a very straight-forward interface and other shared revenue streams are already in the planning phase."

Promotional work, traffic and hosting are handled by  PaidPerView staffers, and site banner and links are displayed below each of the videos to drive sales to sites, enhance the visibility of brands and improve return on investment

Content owners uploading a substantial quantity of quality videos can also request their own content channel in the system, which was developed by the operators of  PIMPROLL, HostedTube and TrafficForce.