Severe Society Films Releases 2 New Titles

LOS ANGELES Fetish studio Severe Society Films gives a twisted spin to family relations with their two most recent releases, "Strap On Family Values" and "Sadistic Mother-in-Law."

"Strap On Family Values" espouses blackmail, followed by humiliation and much strap-on action, the company said. The film stars Allie James, Mistress D Severe, Tommy Toscano and industry newcomer Marcelo.

Severe Society Films describes the plot as, “A young woman can’t figure out how her mother gets her husband to be completely subservient, while her own boyfriend treats her like crap. So mom lets her in on the secret, and provides instruction as well as practice on long-suffering stepfather. Soon, the daughter is ready to strike out on her own and get her miscreant boyfriend under her thumb.”

"Strap-on Family Values" marks James’ first on-camera strap-on scene.

Severe said, “It’s also really great to work with someone like Allie James who’s so young, but totally has the domme killer instinct!”

“Any time I’m domming, it’s fun!” James said, who looks forward to more dominant roles in the future.

"Sadistic Mother-in-Law" again features Mistress D, who discovers that daughter-in-law Jessi Palmer has been cheating on her son and “vengeance is unleashed.”

The Mother-in-Law comes up with an extremely humiliating program of punishment that includes heavy spanking, washing her errant daughter-in-law’s mouth out with soap, and forcing her to dress up in an embarrassing school girl outfit.

“I love being the evil mommy!” Severe co-owner Dee Severe said. "Strap-on and spanking are two of my favorite things to do. Special kudos to Jessi Palmer, who was really a trooper. I spanked her very hard."

"I enjoyed it,” said Palmer, an experienced BDSM performer.

“These were two really fun shoots,” stated SSF co-owner, director and producer Jimmy Broadway. “I’ve worked with Allie a half-a-dozen times; Dee is my partner, and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve shot Tommy. When you know your performers that well, it’s easy to bring in someone new. Jessi is a solid pro, and Marcelo has such an eagerness for the business. It really makes my job easy and we ended up with great material!”

Both releases are distributed by Bon Vue. Buyers and retailers can contact Bon Vue at (562) 597-0962.