TTS Announces Upgrade to Talent Test Display

MIAMI —  Talent Testing Services on Tuesday said that it is making enhancements to the display of on-demand talent test results.

TTS said that performer results now will display what type of test the talent selected — either basic talent panel or full talent panel.

" If, for any reason, one of the test appears positive/reactive, the 7/14/30 day expiration section of the results will display 'NOT CLEARED,'" TTS said.

TTS last year started deploying QR code technology for smartphones to protect the validity of printed and web based results. All results have a QR code below the results section of the report that shows if the results are authentic and valid.

Once scanned, the browser directs to the TTS mobile page that shows the talent identification number, date of birth, test expiration date (based on a 30-day testing cycle) and the actual test results.

Performers, agents and producers using TTS's QR code and mobile access features also are provided with a personal online dashboard with access to historical and up-to-date testing information, TTS said Talent also can set up automatic reminders for next test dates..

For those not using smartphone QR code technology, TTS provides an authentication code for each test performed. In conjunction with a security code, the authentication code, releases verified talent test information at