Adam & Eve Offers Snapshot Analysis of Sex Toy Market

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — People spend $15 billion a year on sex toys, 44 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have used the products and Wyoming is the No. 1 state in sex toy purchases per capita.

Those are some of the findings from Adam & Eve’s consumer-friendly independent research, “Scandalous Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys” that appears on the company website.

“Gone are the days when sex toys were a taboo topic predominantly associated with a shady porn industry. Sex toys are set to match smartphone sales in the next 10 years, and much of this is due to the increasing salaries and freedom of women in America over the past few generations,” the introduction to the clever infographic states.

Some of the more interesting stats include a brief history of the vibrator — “the most popular sex toys” — with a gold, diamond-crusted pleasure wand priced at $55,000.

The chart also acknowledges that the “Rabbit”  is still today's most popular vibrator, and not surprisingly, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenom has sparked a surge in sex toy store sales, especially in BDSM gear.

There was some bad new for husbands. Married women are more than twice as likely to use a vibrator according to Adam & Eve.

And it appears that the lower population and colder states — Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire — all made the top 10 in sex toy sales, suggesting that staying indoors has its amorous advantages.

“Liberal” states like California and New York surprisingly didn’t make the top 10 cut in sales, according to the research.

Although 78 percent of women said they’ve used a vibrator, they also said they were in a relationship, which begs the obvious questions “Are their partners not doing it right,” or “Do girls just wanna have more fun?”

And if fun's the goal, toys play a large part. At least 20 percent of the women that responded said they masturbated once a week, and a healthy 60 percent own and use a sex toy.