Video: Stoya Enjoys 'Hysterical Literature'

NEW YORK — Digital Playground exclusive Stoya is the first featured subject in photographer Clayton Cubitt's "Hysterical Literature," a video series that features women reading while being stimulated below the waist.

"Hysterical Literature: Session One" features Stoya reading from the book "Necrophilia Variations," a high-minded ode to corpse screwing by author Supervert, while being buzzed with a Hitachi vibrator from underneath a table by Cubitt's unseen female assistant.

On her page, Stoya writes that she was asked to wear the kind of dress she would while going out on a date with a man. She also reveals that she had never used a Hitachi vibrator before signing up for the project.

"The first touch on my thigh sends all available blood to my vulva," she writes. "I continue to enunciate properly, focusing on the text. I’ve broken a sweat… I stumble over a word, my concentration breaks as I go back to pronounce it correctly. Neither the Hitachi or the woman wielding it will be denied.

"I hold out as long as I can," she continues."This section of the world that I’m inhabiting slows down, zooms in. Like a stretched rubber band it suddenly contracts, and I am lovingly punched with an orgasm. I giggle-pant, hands on the table. Once enough pieces of my mind have come back, I deliver the closing line."