JOPEN Unveils Where to Buy Web Portal

CHINO, Calif. — JOPEN has unveiled its Where to Buy Web Portal, a new section of the company’s website that connects consumers with retail locations.

“The Where to Buy Web Portal of the JOPEN website gives people shopping for JOPEN products a trusted resource so they can find authorized JOPEN retailers,” said Susan Colvin, president and CEO of JOPEN. “Retailers that carry JOPEN products can take advantage by listing their location with us.”

Consumer traffic is driven to the JOPEN Where to Buy Web Portal through different channels, including organic and paid search, and various online promotions.

Robin Stewart, Brand Manager for JOPEN, says, “We’ve made it easy to register. Just click on the Where to Buy link at the bottom of the JOPEN home page. You’ll then see the link to add your store to our database. If you need assistance, contact me at , I can answer questions and help import your information.”

The JOPEN website does not sell products directly. Only authorized distributors and retailers are able to offer the high-end brand. Consumer traffic on the website is significant, the company says, and continues to grow because of SEO campaigns such as the Intensity Insider Program.

“When the public visits our site they often want to buy products. We get calls and emails all the time from people who want to make a purchase,” said Jackie White, vice president of sales for JOPEN. “The JOPEN Where to Buy Web Portal gives them a quick, easy option if they want to shop.”

JOPEN will launch additional B2C marketing programs to create further consumer traffic in the future.

“As a manufacturer that doesn’t sell direct, it’s often tricky to implement promotions that reach the consumer,” said Al Bloom, director of marketing for JOPEN. “The JOPEN Where to Buy Web Portal helps us create more streamlined marketing campaigns, gives the sale to our authorized retailers, and makes the consumer happy. Everybody wins!” 

The JOPEN Where to Buy Web Portal is active for U.S. and Canadian retail locations. It will be ready in time for the eroFame Show in October for international stores.

Retailers wishing to register their location on the JOPEN Where to Buy Web Portal can visit and click on Where to Buy at the bottom of the page. For further assistance, email