Doc Johnson Releases Wendy Williams Kit in New Color Variations

Ariana Rodriguez

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit from Doc Johnson is now available in pink and purple color variations.

The Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit is a three-piece plug set specifically designed to allow users to work their way up the spectrum of anal sex. Each plug is uniquely shaped to deliver distinct sensations; the smallest is smooth and straight, the medium is a perfect midpoint, mimicking the large on a smaller scale and packing a single bump, and the large is more substantial with two bumps texturing the lengthy neck. All three are flexible for the best possible positioning, but firm enough to penetrate easily. A distinct base on each allows users to play safely.

“All my social networks and the stores I have been in contact with have praised the initial Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit, so it's neat to see more appealing versions of the kit now available," Williams said.

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