Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy Give Romney Thumbs Up

LOS ANGELES — No you’re not dreaming. Adult legend Jenna Jameson is supporting GOP presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney — and fellow legend Ron Jeremy thinks he’s a good man.

To put this shocker into perspective, Jameson’s thinking with her wallet, while Jeremy was simply commenting on Romney’s fatherly strengths. Nevertheless, the kudos raise adult industry eyebrows considering Romney’s public stance on “vigorously enforcing” obscenity laws and his conservative Mormon ethics.

At San Francisco’s Gold Club gentleman’s club, Jameson told local CBS news that she’s ready for a Romney presidency because of his tax platform. "I'm very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you're rich, you want a Republican in office."

A jaw-dropping comment from a 2008 Hilary Clinton supporter, PETA icon… and well, one of the world’s most famous porn stars. Apparently Jameson’s income sits over the annual $250,000 ceiling that President Obama wants to hit with more taxes.

On a promotional tour in Boston for his signature “Ron de Jeremy” rum, Jeremy revealed some guilty neo-con pleasures. He told the Boston Herald that he thinks Romney is a “good man” and likes watching FOX News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“He knows I’m a big fan of his,” Jeremy said of O’Reilly.  “I disagree with most of what he says, but I love his sincerity, his humor, and the way he presents it. He’s very, very entertaining.”

Jeremy said that he thinks Romney means well and lauded his paternal achievements. “I think the fact that he’s such an amazing father proves a lot. I give him a lot of credit. He’s raised some good sons. When a man is a really, really good father, that’s very important.”

But Jeremy's keeping his wits about him. Commenting on the heating up Presidential campaign, the porn everyman said he will vote for President Obama in the November election.

 “It’s a good race," he said.”

Jameson and Jeremy aren’t the only porn notables to give Romney kudos.

Michael Lucas, owner of gay studio Lucas Entertainment told Yahoo News earlier this year that he considers himself a conservative, votes Republican and donates generously to several libertarian and right-wing causes.

He said at the time that he’d vote for Romney if he’s nominated. "I would support Romney of course. There is nobody else to support."

"I am not in love with him, but I like him," he added. "I don't see any danger coming from Romney when it comes to porn. It's just not there. And I think he will be much better than President Obama. Not that it will be difficult to be better than President Obama."