'Maia' Color-based Sex Toy Line Bows

LOS ANGELES — Maia, a new sex toy company has debuted with its “colors of erotica” line.

Led by industry veteran Mara Epstein, the company‘s collection was developed with a unique approach incorporating color therapy to connect with consumers.

The company maintained that colors have a psychological impact on people. For example, the color blue produces a calming effect; red is hot and sexy; pinks and purples denote passion; green represents balance; yellow makes people smile, and orange is flirty and fun.

Epstein said colors give the user a sense of energy and power to take sex to another level.

“Maia is a rainbow of experiences to choose from, for solo play or lovemaking. In addition, our objective is to develop a collection that is based on human anatomy, shapes, color,” Epstein said.

She added that the products are all made of RoHS compliant materials (medical grade silicon) at moderate prices that make them affordable for the end consumer and profitable for distributors and retailers.

The dual-purpose packaging includes a magnetic flap with embossed lettering, allowing for wall hanging, or for classic display on shelves.

Retail prices start at under $100.

Shopping bags and “testers” will be available, along with personal education for sales staffs.

Products are scheduled to ship at the end of August.

For more information on the line contact Epstein at maraepstein@maiatoys.com or call (310) 801-3452.