AEBN Adopts HTTP Live Streaming

John Sanford

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN, a leader adult video-on-demand, has announced the adoption of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology to deliver pay-per-minute adult VOD to the millions of customers who now prefer to watch video from their mobile devices.

AEBN debuted its new mobile interface earlier this year and has seen the numbers prove the trend: more and more people are looking to access video content from mobile devices instead of traditional computers. And while AEBN and other adult companies have offered iterations of mobile content before, AEBN's newest advance allows for use of the pay-per-minute model on mobile instead of forcing users to purchase content by the clip.

"Basically, what we have done is implement a system that lets us transmux on the fly into one of three adaptive formats and then deliver the highest quality video for the user's device and connection," explained AEBN VP Jerry Anders. "This has allowed us to support iOS and Android devices."

The adaptive streaming technologies all strive to deliver the best bitrate depending on local user conditions while avoiding buffering. AEBN has adopted the adaptive formats for all of its streaming needs, from 320 KB up to 6 MB for its growing number of HD titles. In addition to HLS, AEBN is also capable of delivering adaptive streaming to Flash clients as well as smooth streaming to Silverlight, which allows the company to reach older Android phones, the company said.

Because of the formats' flexibility, this change will allow AEBN to focus on giving all of its users the best possible experience, no matter how they choose to access content, according to AEBN.

"Content delivery is no longer about people watching video on their computer screen," Anders continued. "People are watching on their phones, their tablets, even their HDTVs. As always, our focus remains on making sure users have easy access to the content they want at the highest quality across as many devices as possible. Like our emphasis on high-definition content, this change does just that."