Fleshjack Releases Next Door Exclusive Marcus Mojo Toys

DALLAS — Fleshjack is continuing its partnership with Next Door Studios with the release of Marcus Mojo Fleshjack products.

Fleshjack currently promotes Next Door Studios exclusives Cody Cummings and Samuel O'Toole. The custom molded toys include exact replicas of the porn star's mouths, butts and cocks. Mojo's Fleshjack will have his own unique texture named Marvel.

"We are so excited to continue our relationship with Next Door Studios,” Fleshjack marketing manager Daniel Pacheco said. “Marcus was actually used in one of our first photo shoots so it's exciting to see him as one of our Fleshjack Boys!"

He added, "Marcus does a great job at connecting with his fans and keeping people interested in his work! We're definitely excited that he's joining the Fleshjack family!"

Stephan Sirard, president of Next Door Entertainment said," The partnership between Fleshjack and Next Door Studios has proven to be a great one. We are all really excited to see this new Marcus Mojo product launched. Marcus has been a fan favorite and there are a lot of loyal fans out there who will be equally excited to see Marcus's new Fleshjack products, I am certain."
The first 100 customers to purchase Marcus Mojo's products will receive an autographed toy signed by Marcus Mojo himself.

The products are available for purchase at Fleshjack.com. To learn more about Marcus Mojo, visit MarcusMojo.com.