Jimmy Flynt Shifting to Softer Side of Sex

CINCINNATI — After losing legal battles over the Hustler empire, Jimmy Flynt is moving away from porn and concentrating on health and wellness.

The one-time Hustler executive and brother of founder Larry Flynt told Cincinatti.com that the adult industry has changed and his focus now is on his two “Jimmy Flynt Sexy Gifts” stores — one downtown and one in Florence, KY.

Flynt said when he entered adult in 1969 the business was fun, with lots of girls and money. But he lamented that the good days quickly turned into real business with heavy work schedules and lawyers who became partners.

Today, Flynt is talking about his new sexy gifts and lingerie business model that's “cleaner” and “more inviting.” “People just feel more comfortable in that environment,” Flynt said.

His downtown store is not far from Larry Flynt’s Cincinnati Hustler Hollywood store.

When asked if he ever thought the conservative town would play host to two stores from one of porn’s top pedigrees, Flynt said, “Cincinnati’s changing a little,” noting that obscenity charges brought against him and Larry in the ‘70’s  by Hamilton County sheriff Simon Leis backfired and helped the Hustler brand gain notoriety.

“He [Leis] was out for blood. He was ready for battle. But he probably did more for the brand than anybody,” Flynt said.

The feud between the Flynt brothers continues, according to the report. Jimmy is appealing his lost bid for a share of the Hustler company and noted that he and Larry are estranged with no communication between the two.

“When you’ve been in business with a guy for over 40 years, when you grew up together, it’s difficult.

“You get lawyers involved. You have a lot of people who would attempt to block that communication because it’s in their interest.... It’s a very small family. When you only have one brother, it’s kind of odd after all these years to be separate. But we’ll get through it,” Flynt said.