Wants Australian Athlete to Pose Nude

MONTREAL — is offering a “sizable donation” to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) if athlete Michelle Jenneke agrees to pose nude for an exclusive photo shoot.

The Pinterest-like website said Jenneke has developed a gigantic fan base, due largely to her athletic prowess and her sexy “ wiggly pre-race routine” that’s gone viral on the Internet.’s Martin Ellison told XBIZ that although Jenneke didn’t qualify for the upcoming London Olympic games, her attitude in a YouTube video was enough to spark their interest.

“She's the right amount of cute and sexy, not to mention her body is clearly in peak condition. Michelle Jenneke has shown a sex appeal that's uncommon in female athletes and we want Michelle to know that she can use her sexuality to not only raise her profile but also benefit athletes all over her country,” Ellison said.

If Jenneke accepts the offer, said it will donate an undisclosed sum to the ASC, pending negotiations with her and her representation. The ASC is an authority within the Australian government that provides financial support and other assistance to national sporting organizations.

Jenneke is Australia’s International Associations of Athletics Federations’ (IAAF) 100 meter hurdle champion. said it is not only interested in Jenneke but also the sustainability of the global athletic community. “An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle and is committed to good health and well-being,” the site proclaimed.