Fun Factory Debuts New Packaging

Ariana Rodriguez

BURBANK, Calif. — Fun Factory unveiled its newly revamped German-made packaging at this weekend’s ANME Show.

The new packaging is made in Germany and consists of a sleeve and gift box. According the company, Fun Factory’s new packaging is made with soy ink — a metallic champagne color typically used in the automobile industry to paint cars.

 “This new packaging uses zero plastic, a rare metallic color (utilized by the automobile industry only) and a classy interplay of glossy/matte surfaces,” said Emilie Rosan, Fun Factory USA marketing and sales manager. “With this new concept, no light will reflect off the products when they are displayed on the shelves; the outside of the packaging is a removable sleeve displaying a very clear picture of the product, its functionality and benefits. Take it off and you have an intriguing gift box, perfect for offering the product as a present and creating some excitement around that ‘perfect moment’ to come.”

Fun Factory says the new packaging gives a greater perception of the brand’s value.

“All marketing material and key brand visuals have also been updated,” Rosan said. “The branding is now more emotional and products organized as ‘lifestyle’ families, all the while continuing to convey the sense of fun and cheerfulness that Fun Factory is best known for. With this new look, the brand’s perceived value will increase immediately and the buying experience will improve, allowing you to grow your business with us."