FixSation Launches 'Soiree' Home Parties

CENTRAL POINT, Oregon — Champagne cocktails, little black dresses and luxury intimate products are the ingredients that make up FixSation’s new “Soiree” upscale home parties.

The company describes its new launch as “an elegant evening among friends” that includes novelties and the promotion of positive sexual attitudes in a safe environment for asking questions and sharing tips, techniques or advice.

Product offerings will be complementary to the FixSation Couple's Vibe, and have been selected from top brands such as Lelo, Swede, Bijoux Indiscrets, Sliquid, Skyn Couture, Rianne S. Matryoshka, Fun Factory, and more.

Independent consultants explain to the party attendees what the Couple's Vibe is, and what it does. Because the FixSation vibe is a new, first-of-its-kind product, it comes with a bit of a learning curve.

“A common misconception is that it is a vibrating panty. However, it is much more than that, and if people confine it to that category, they will miss 99 percent of the purpose and function of the vibe.

“Maximizing partner pressure and allowing for unobstructed penetration are two key components that make this vibe design both unique and effective; once women are educated by their consultant as to these benefits, the product sells itself,” FixSation said.

Soiree consultant compensation is based solely on commission, with additional bonuses offered for various incentive programs.

After a minimum purchase of a starter kit of marketing materials, independent consultants can spend as much or as little as they wish to acquire samples to showcase at their parties.

As an incentive to host a party, Soiree hostesses will be eligible to earn "Boudoir Bucks" which can be applied like cash towards the purchase of any item at the party, or on the FixSation website.