Ron Jeremy Exited Sting to Catch Killer Rocco Magnotta

MONTREAL — Adult industry legend Ron Jeremy has revealed that he was contacted by New York-based animal rights group Rescue Ink in 2011 to help set up a sting to catch "Canadian Psycho" Rocco Magnotta.

Magnotta, the notorious sometime porn performer charged with first-degree murder for the brutal May slaying of Chinese student Jun Lin, came to Rescue Ink's attention last year when the 29-year-old allegedly posted online videos in which he tortured cute little kittens.

The group devised a plan to lure Magnotta to Los Angeles by offering him a bogus offer to star in an adult movie with Jeremy, whom they had reached out to through his friends Sia and Shane Barbi, known collectively as Playboy cover girls The Barbi Twins.

If he had fallen for the ruse, Rescue Ink activists had planned to ambush and physically apprehend Magnotta to later turn over to authorities. Jeremy, a long-time spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), agreed to the plan at first, but soon reconsidered.

"That's a little bit out of my league, don't you think? It's like an episode from some TV show," Jeremy told the Canadian Press. "The guy comes to the set with lube in one hand and his schmeckle in the other, thinking he has a job and the cops tackle him to the ground.

"That's good for the movies. That doesn't work in real life."