Chuck Palahniuk's 'Snuff' Adaptation Moves Forward

Nelson Ayala

LONDON — The long gestating film adaptation of "Fight Club" author Chuck Palahniuk's controversial 2008 porn-themed novel "Snuff" is finally moving forward with Immoral Transmedia producing.

According to, London-based Immortal Transmedia will produce the project, alongside Aperture Entertainment's Adam Goldworm and Golan Ramras, who cowrote the screenplay with French director Fabien Martorell.

"Snuff" tells the tragic tale of Cassie Wright, a downtrodden porn queen who decides to end it all with a 600-man gangbang that includes three participants with agendas of their own, one of which may be the son she gave up for adoption years ago.

Palahniuk has said in the past that Annabel Chong's "The World's Biggest Gangbang," in which the then 23-year-old Chinese starlet performed a variety of sex acts with 70 men for more than 10-hours, served as inspiration for "Snuff."

"I found it really compelling to have a green-room situation that would hold people together long enough for them to gradually reveal their real motive for being there," he told the in a 2008 interview. "Everything about it the claustrophobia, the physical vulnerability of it, the visceral grossness of it was all just really appealing as sort of a prison for people to tell stories in.