pjur Adds 'Delay Condoms' to Product Line

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group has announced a new line of “superhero" delay condoms” designed to overcome premature ejaculation.

Made of natural rubber, the condoms have a smooth, cylindrical shape with a reservoir tip containing a mild, local anesthetic to prevent premature ejaculation.

The company said the product can reduce the user’s sensitivity, thus prolonging an erection and pleasure for both partners during sex.

What’s special about the condoms, pjur said, is that the reservoir contains a precisely dosed, perfectly safe amount of lidocaine, therefore, an over-dosage of the anesthetic agent is impossible.

According to the company, creams and gels applied to the glans of the penis to reduce the sensitivity and to dampen stimulation have to be washed off before sex so the anesthetic agents don’t affect the sexual arousal of the female partner.

“Now, the pjur superhero Delay Condom offers these people a much more uncomplicated way to experience ‘normal’ sexuality. In combination with the pjur superhero spray, these condoms can make for a particularly long sexual pleasure for both, man and woman,” pjur said.

Also in stock are transparent, lubricant-coated pjur sensitive condoms, which are made of natural rubber as well. These condoms come in a 12-pack, have a modern pocket design, are extremely thin, and offer an ultra sensitive experience.

For more product information visit pjur.com or pjurmed.com.