Lovehoney Introduces Sqweel 2

BATH, England — Lovehoney has announced the upcoming release of Sqweel 2, a new and improved version of the original bestselling design featuring 30 percent more power and a more realistic feel.

Lovehoney launched the Sqweel three years ago. Its wheel of 10 tongues and realistic oral sex sensation made it a smash hit with women. It left Cosmopolitan “gasping with pleasure,” while Company Magazine said it was, “so similar to earth-shattering oral sex that you might think you’ve fallen in love.”

"The new Sqweel 2 is even better than the original,” sex expert Tracey Cox said. “The closest thing you'll ever get to having oral sex on demand, it feels just like a real tongue. It's an entirely different sensation to a normal vibrator and a must-have for any woman who takes her orgasms seriously."

Like the original, Sqweel 2 doesn’t vibrate or thrust. Instead its wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at three speeds. Packed with a third more power, Sqweel 2 features new Reverse and Flicker modes.

Sqweel was the winner of the first sex toy design competition held by Lovehoney.

Inventor Trevor Murphy says, “The idea for the Sqweel came to me fully formed as I was drifting off to sleep one night. I snapped awake and told my partner Veronica: ‘I’ve just come up with the winning sex toy design!’”

Murphy says he is convinced Sqweel 2 will be an even bigger hit than his first design.

“We’ve made the original even better — women are going to love it,” he said.

Available from, Sqweel 2’s patent-pending technology combines innovation with ease of use to deliver the most satisfying oral sex simulation to date, the company says.

The Sqweel 2 is available in the U.K. on July 3 and Aug. 1 in the U.S.from