'Jane Eyre' to Be Re-Imagined as Erotic Fiction

LONDON — English writer Charlotte Bronte’s beloved classic "Jane Eyre" has been rewritten as an erotic novel by Eve Sinclair, a first-time author looking to explore the "smoldering sexual chemistry" between the young governess and her employer Mr. Edward Rochester.

Titled "Jane Eyre Laid Bare," the book's plot doesn't stray too far away from Bronte’s 1974 original, other than to indulge in the X-rated fantasies of what could have occurred between Jane and Rochester once doors were closed.

"I think that readers through the ages have appreciated the smoldering sexual chemistry between Jane and Rochester," Sinclair told Bookseller.com. "I have changed very little of Bronte’s original to retell the timeless story of a young girl falling for an unattainable older man and getting out of her depth in a sensual world she cannot control."

Pan Macmillan will release "Jane Eyre Laid Bare" as an eBook in August with a paperback to follow.

While the book is targeted at the "Fifty Shades of Grey" crowd, it appears to draw its inspiration from Seth Grahame-Smith's "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," a bestselling 2009 re-imagining of the Jane Austin classic "Pride and Prejudice."

Publishing director Wayne Brookes, who describes 'Jane Eyre Laid Bare' as "a fan fiction re-write of Charlotte Bronte's much-loved novel" and "an exciting and enticing erotic make-over," said, "The original is full of sexual tension and Eve Sinclair has cleverly explored and exposed the sensual underbelly of a highly-regarded classic."