Launches New Adult Digital Newsstand

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. —, a new digital magazine newsstand debuted today featuring some of the world’s most well known adult magazines.

The company’s new website includes and, that offer magazines on all desktop and mobile operating systems, including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle and other Android devices.

SkinMagz said it was prompted to offer the service because of the global adoption of digital reading that's now growing exponentially due to the proliferation of tablets and smartphones.

“Consumers of adult content expect to pay only once for their magazines and to have them available on any device they choose to read on. makes reading adult magazines more fun by offering high-fidelity interactive magazines, including hyperlinks, video clips and other rich media,” Eddie Coffey, managing director said. is powered by the eDition digital platform, which the company said offers magazine and catalog publishers a simple solution for building circulation. The eDition platform features state-of-the-art digital rights management and other security features, expanded search ability, and advanced user analytics.

"Buttman Magazine Digital and fit together like a phat ass and a pair of stretch jeans," Buttman Magazine sales manager Lissa Baren said.

She added, “We are very excited to have SkinMagz as the digital provider for Buttman Magazine."

“SkinMagz has a great platform and a staff with experience in this space. The experience of reading a magazine, whether print or digital, is different from surfing a content site. Magazine consumers appreciate the sequencing, pagination and layout decisions that are made by our editorial staff. Buttman Magazine Digital is a special product in its own right as well as a significant component of the Evil Angel / John Stagliano brand," Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann added.

COLT Studio Group President and creative director John Rutherford also praised the new venture.

"COLT Studio Group and its subsidiaries — COLT Studio, Buckshot Productions and Olympus Studio — are the world's most consistent producer of all-male erotica. We are proud to team with the latest in digital reading technology,," Rutherford said.

He added, "Magazines from the entire 45 plus year catalogue along with current releases and our annual calendars will be available on both the desktop and mobile platforms.  This medium is the perfect companion to our feature films, depicting layouts of the world famous COLT and Olympus Men and Buckshot Boys, plus four hardcore video clips in each issue."

For more information on the digital newsstand contact Coffey at (754) 300-6159, or email

Publishers interested in business development information can contact Caryn Goldberg at (818) 287-8046, or email