WebcamWiz Adds iPad to White Label Cam Site Generator

Bob Johnson

CYPRUS — PussyCash announced today that its WebCamWiz white label website generator can now create cam sites for the Apple iPad.

The company said that the new offering allows webmasters to build up to 10 cam sites, each one automatically generated for web, mobile and iPad.

Once the cam sites are generated, webmasters have access to more than 80,000 hosts provided by ImLive.

“Not only does WebcamWiz automatically generate your cam sites for all platforms, but it also allows you to choose your business model optimized for web, mobile or tablet traffic,” Shay Efron, vice president of business development said.

He added, “This way you make the most money. When it comes to payment programs, WebcamWiz offers two choices: 35 percent lifetime revenue share commissions from the very first  dollar or up to $75 per sign-up.

“This is a great opportunity for all webmasters who are yet to monetize their tablet traffic. Go ahead and create your tablet sites free. With our generous payment programs, easy-to-use tools and our superior customer support, your tablet money making experience is sure to be exponential.”

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