Ron Jeremy to Guest at San Diego Church Services

SAN DIEGO  — Adult legend Ron Jeremy will spar with XXX Church pastor Craig Gross for the second time at The Rock Church in San Diego for five Sunday services on June 10.

The Rock Church pastor Miles McPherson said Jeremy will appear before 12,000 people who fill his pews and that he hopes his followers will open their hearts and minds for Jeremy.

"We started a series called 'Exposed' about five weeks ago talking about what is exposed in our heart when we judge people," McPherson told San Diego’s 10News.

Jeremy is billed as a “Porn King” on the event’s promotion poster that tells parishioners McPherson will sit down with Jeremy and Gross where they’ll learn why their unlikely friendship is an example of how Jesus loves porn stars.

MacPherson, a former pro football player said most of society would turn their backs on people like Jeremy.

"He's not a Christian, he's living a sinful life in people's eyes and his lifestyle is contrary to the Bible but still, we're obligated to love him," McPherson said.

The sit down is part of  the “Exposed” series that looks at the cult of personality. McPherson hopes the sermon will encourage people to take a hard look at themselves and their porn viewing habits.

A Church note on the poster dashes anyone’s idea that the event will be titillating and says that the message is not about porn but about the relationship between Jeremy and Gross, and Gross’s ability to “love the unlovable.”

"One out of every two guys watch pornography and one out of every six women… so there's pornography in church every week, we just don't talk about it," McPherson said.

Although Jeremy appeared at the church in 2010 where he debated his porn career with Gross, McPherson said not all of his congregation is welcoming the star back.

"Oh, people think it's not appropriate," he said. "They don't think they can learn anything from him being there."

The Rock Church sermons will be held live at the Point Loma Campus at 77 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, on June 10 at 8 and 10 a.m, and at 12, 5 and 7 p.m.

A video feed will also be available at the San Marcos Campus at 1740 La Costa Meadows, Dr., Suite 200, in San Marcos at the same times except for the 7 p.m. showing.