PETA.XXX Roars to Life

NORFOLK, Va. — Animal rights group PETA has officially launched its new adult website PETA.XXX. The site features semi-nude photographs of its sexier activists, sex and diet tips and PSA's from industry stars such as Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey and Ron Jeremy.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals purchased the .XXX domain in August of last year and revealed a splash page promising a "happy ending" in February. But, in keeping with the group's anti-abuse agenda, helping people beat their meat is not the site's goal.

While PETA.XXX hosts plenty of the titillating content the organization's media campaigns are known for, visitors expecting to find Ira Isaacs-like fetishes and/or fun with fruit and vegetables kink will be in for a different kind of shock.

PETA explains on its site that it's committed to spreading its message by just about any means necessary, including use of the old bait-and-switch tactic that will lead those clicking on their "hardcore videos" tab to disturbing clips of bloody animal slaughter.

"It's a safe bet that many visitors to PETA.XXX didn't set out to learn about how animals are mercilessly slaughtered on today's factory farms; understandably, such topics are convenient to ignore," PETA notes on its site. "That's why PETA must make our message impossible to forget — and launching a website with a .XXX domain name is one way that we can achieve that goal."