Eldorado’s ‘Uncle’ Dave Noblitt Retires

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado is recognizing the 35-year career of Dave Noblitt, who has worked in the company’s sales department for eight years, as he embarks on his retirement.

"Dave has always been very pleasant, kind and polite. One can't help but respect the knowledge and wisdom he has gained through his life experience," says Laurie Fehler human resources director. "It was exciting to welcome him to Eldorado's team and sad to see him go."

"It’s been a pleasure working with Dave," says Eldorado sales director Karla Scott. "His years of experience and hands-on knowledge are something our sales team was fortunate to benefit from — we miss him already."

Eldorado's warehouse operations manager Doug Hunter adds, "Dave is a great team player and a genuine, enjoyable person to be around. His presence here will be missed and we wish him the best in retirement!"

"Dave was an invaluable addition to the Eldorado team. He brought decades of industry knowledge and a great sense of humor to the company," says Eldorado CEO and founder Larry Garland. "It's an honor and a privilege to have Dave choose to spend his last working years with us."

The company says, “After wrapping up a successful career in the adult industry, Dave looks forward to spending time with his ever-increasing family. Noblitt will attack his twilight years with signature 'Uncle Dave' vigor and plans to open his own Oklahoma style barbecue joint. If previous company picnics are any indication, you’ll want to get in line now.”