B. Skow Debuts 1st Indie Film, Exile to Distribute

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Director B. Skow has announced his first independent film since splitting with Vivid Entertainment.

“Teen Sex Dolls,” the two-disc, 4 1/2 hour Skow Digital debut film is set to ship on June 18 from Howard Levine’s Exile Distribution.

The movie features Jessie Andrews, Sabrina Taylor, Molly Bennett, Ella Milano, Britney Young and Adriana Luna.

Skow said creating movies like ”Teen Sex Dolls” is the reason he formed his new company. "The movie spotlights some of the best young talent and showcases their raw sexuality and eagerness. It’s the perfect title to release through Exile Distribution, allowing me the opportunity to work with Howard Levine again.”

Levine commented, "I had the pleasure of working with B. Skow and selling his movies for years.”

He added, “B. Skow's best selling titles were an integral part of Vivid ’s recent success. I am really excited about his new venture, Skow Digital, and working with him again. He is truly one of the best in the business, and now that he has his own company, his vision can be purely his own. I’m very confident Skow Digital will be a major force in the adult industry.”

To pre-order “Teen Sex Dolls” contact Exile Distribution at (818) 576 9464 or email Howard@ExileDist.com.