Jessica Drake Addresses UCLA Class of Licensed Therapists

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Jessica Drake recently addressed a class of licensed therapists at UCLA.

Drake spoke to 35 leading health care professionals, sex therapists, MFTs and MFCCs at Dr. Walter Bracklemans' Human Sexuality, Sex Education and Sex Therapy lecture.

The star talked for more than an hour on her career as an adult star, her transition to sex educator, and her line of “ jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” DVDs.

Poised to speak at several additional universities around the country in the fall of 2012, Drake said, “I feel extremely privileged to have been welcomed onto UCLA’s campus for a discourse on sex education.”

Drake shared the podium with AVN founder Paul Fishbein who said, “Jessica Drake had 35 health care professionals eating out of the palms of her hands. Her expertise and experience and presentation of the instructional line wowed these doctors. It was the very tool many of them have been searching for over the years and they were impressed with her knowledge and presentation.”

The emerging sex educator added, “My favorite part of the afternoon was the roundtable discussion allowing everyone in the room to join the conversation. It was at that point I realized how many great minds I was in the presence of.

“I had the opportunity to learn just as much as I taught, and I am thankful for the way I was accepted into the extraordinary class. I am very proud to be recognized as a contributor to modern day sex education. I am very grateful to Dr. Walter Bracklemans and to Paul Fishbein for making this all possible.”

More information about Dr. Bracklemans’ UCLA Extension course can be found here.