Immoral Productions Cited by LAPD for Lack of Film Permit

LOS ANGELES — Immoral Productions received a citation from the Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday night for filming without a permit, CEO Dan Leal confirmed to XBIZ.

Leal said that eight officers from the LAPD's Vice Division visited the Immoral Productions studio in Chatsworth, where an independent contractor for Immoral was preparing to shoot an advertising spot with a handful of adult performers, along with a live show. Immoral produces numerous different live cam shows at the studio that are also later packaged for DVD distribution.

Leal was not at the studio Thursday when the officers first arrived, but he later returned and spoke to the police. He says he will appear in L.A. District Court on June 7 for the citation, and he'll be bringing his reality TV film crew for his ongoing show "The Right Hand."

"We'll create an episode about it," Leal said. "Something good comes from something bad."

He told XBIZ it was his understanding that he was specifically targeted by the LAPD, and that other webcam shooters and performers should be aware that they also will have to obtain a permit in order to shoot or risk citations.

Leal said that in order to obtain a film permit, the producer must agree to use condoms during the shoot.

"We’ll abide by it. It doesn't mean we have to like it, but we'll abide by it," Leal said. "The shocking thing is this does this apply to every single person who shoots webcam in Los Angeles, according to Film LA (which issues permits)."

The LAPD officers were only at his studio for about 15 minutes, Leal said.

XBIZ's Rhett Pardon contributed to this report.