Pulse Distribution, AEBN/Nica Noelle Ink Distro Deal

Bob Johnson

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pulse Distribution announced today that it has signed AEBN/Nica Noelle studio's Girl Candy Films and Hard Candy Films to a DVD distribution deal.

Producer Jerry Anders said he is "very excited" that Pulse will now deliver the popular lines for DVD customers. "Pulse has earned their hard-won reputation as the leader in adult DVD distribution,” Anders said. “We're confident they will get Nica's amazing work into as many stores as possible for her panoply of loyal fans.”

Until now, Girl Candy and Hard Candy Films have been available exclusively on AEBN.net, where the company said the new titles have consistently risen to the top of the VOD site's "Most Watched" charts.

“I'm grateful that fans have had access to my new releases on AEBN.net, and that they've been so supportive of our new studios,” Noelle said. “But we also realize many fans still prefer DVDs [to downloads], and I'm thrilled we can now offer them that choice.”

Girl Candy Films is described as “the culmination of everything girl/girl enthusiasts desire, while Hard Candy Films is a new couples' studio with “forbidden themes, complex seductions, emotionally-rich dialogue and authentic, real-time sex scenes.”

“Nica Noelle's movies are an excellent addition to the Pulse roster,” Mark Hamilton, co-owner of Pulse Distribution said. “We're thrilled that she and AEBN chose us to distribute her new films. The competition was fierce, due to the extraordinary success of Nica's [former] studios, Sweetheart Video and Sweet Sinner Films.”

"With Pulse as our DVD distributor, the pieces are now in place to fill all our fan's needs." Anders added.

For sales information contact Hyland Church at (818) 435 1608 or email hyland@pulsedistribution.com.