JOPEN Launches Authorized Distributor and Reseller Program

CHINO, Calif. — Luxury pleasure products manufacturer JOPEN will launch an Authorized Distributor and Reseller Program, starting May 14.

“This is an exciting new program that will allow JOPEN to grow and expand its popular line, while ensuring we provide the best marketing and end-user support,” says Robin Stewart, brand manager for JOPEN. “Our goal is to continue to build the JOPEN brand through innovation with a central focus on luxury, while maintaining uniformity in our pricing structure. We are doing this in part by establishing agreements with a select number of distributors and resellers that will help us sell and distribute JOPEN luxury brand products. Once our new program is fully in place, we’ll be able to focus on branding, marketing and customer support.”

Each of JOPEN’s unique products are crafted from safe, high-quality materials and backed by a warranty. JOPEN’s also operates an onsite customer service department.

“JOPEN is a thriving company that works hard to bring pleasure to women and couples by performing careful research, holding high standards for production, and maintaining an open-door for communication,” Stewart said. “This is why it is important to ensure that every consumer has access to our luxury lines of adult products at consistent prices.”

For more information about JOPEN’s new Authorized Distributor and Reseller Program, email Robin Stewart at