Manhunt Kicked Off Facebook, Asks Fans to Help Get It Restored

UPDATE (4:45 p.m.): Manhunt spokesman Jeff Dorta says that Manhunt's Facebook page was restored this afternoon.

NEW YORK — Gay social networking site Manhunt says it has been kicked off Facebook and is asking fans to send "polite requests" to the mainstream social network so that its fan page can be restored.

Manhunt operators say that the Manhunt Facebook fan page was removed three weeks ago and that the company has attempted to get it placed back up, but Facebook administrators now aren't replying to them after initial correspondence.

"None of the admins on our page received any sort of warning or message explaining why, how long it would be down for, etc.," Manhunt's J Harvey said. "It was just gone, and it still is."

Harvey went on to say that its Facebook page is wildly popular and that the company is "at a loss" over what happened.

"If this was just a paltry amount of fans, we could just start over," Harvey said. "But we have/had 174,000-plus 'likes' on our Facebook page. We worked very hard on making it a page our readers wanted to check out every day, and the numbers reflected that."

Harvey has asked Manhunt followers to help them out by making "polite requests" to Facebook through its feedback form or passing along Facebook contact info if they have some personal connection to the company.

"We are willing to bow and scrape before the mighty FB gods to get our page back. We miss it, and we think our members do too," Harvey said.

In the meantime, Harvey said, Manhunt fans can follow action on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest.

"It’s true — we’re everywhere. Except Facebook *sad face*," he said.