Sportsheets Perfects Door Play With Range of Products

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets International has introduced the Door Play collection of adjustable cuffs, sex slings, fantasy kits and more, letting couples use every door in their home to discover a whole new way to play.  

The Door Play Collection features cuffs, slings and play kits turn any ordinary door into an erotic arena.

The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling is an adjustable sling with foot support straps and handles for a comfortable, balanced fit.

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs is a set of cuffs for the ankles or wrists that fits over or under any door.

The Sex & Mischief Door Play Cuffs is a set of sturdy cuffs with easy on, easy off closures that fit over any door.

The Sex & Mischief Door Play Kit is a multi-position door strap with loops for ties, four red silky sashes for the wrists and ankles, and one red silky sash blindfold.

The Sportsheets Do Not Disturb Kit features four red silky wrist or ankle sashes, a sexy hints and tips booklet, and an essential Do Not Disturb door hanger.

The Sportsheets Deluxe Door Jam Cuffs are four adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs that fit over and under any door.
The Manbound Over the Door Sex Sling features a padded seat that pivots for access at any angle with foot supports and hand grips for leverage.

Sportsheets has streamlined merchandising and displaying the Door Play collection by providing product posters available for download on the company’s FTP site.

For product information or order details, email , or call (800) 962-4606.