Video Secrets Adds 'One-Click' Point of Sale Solution

Bob Johnson

CALABASAS, Calif. —  Video Secrets (VS) announced today that it has completed integration with both Epoch and CCBill to provide approved affiliates with a more sophisticated “one-click” upsell tool.

The company said that affiliates approved by both VS and the payment processor (IPSP) can promote its live chat products in such a way that the customer is not required to re-enter their payment details.

This “one click” tool capitalizes on creating an efficient impulse-purchase process that is not a cross-sell, nor does it require the transmission of protected customer data.

VS explained that when integrated, the system sends the customer to the same IPSP the customer used when purchasing at the affiliate’s website. Since the customer already has purchase history with the IPSP they can complete their live chat purchase easily without re-entering their payment information.

“We've been generating one-click webcam transactions with select traffic partners and the results are impressive," said Brad Estes, operations manager. “The seamless billing solution makes purchasing easy and effortless, and in turn increases revenue potential. Our plan is to offer one-click functionality on a case by case basis to qualified companies, allowing us to expand the program on an invite-only basis.”

In order to implement the one-click feature, affiliates must be able to send customers who have previously purchased with either CCBill or Epoch. Affiliates must also have good history with the IPSP and all integrations are subject to prior approval by both VS and the IPSP.

”We are thrilled to see an industry leader like Video Secrets leverage one-click functionality. In fact, many of the features you see today in our platform were developed out of a need one of our merchants had that was expanded out for widespread use,” said Jake Powers, vice president of e-commerce for CCBill.

He added, “The one-click option Video Secrets’ consumers can now experience when making purchases is a great example of how some of these features can be utilized to help drive revenues, and we look forward to the completion of this integration.”

“It is great to see a prolific cam company like Video Secrets integrate our one click feature. When Epoch created this feature years ago, it was with the intention of doing sales with less friction. By using this feature, we are certain that Video Secrets, just like the rest of our client base, will be able to add to their bottom line with more ease and security,” said Harmik Gharapetian, vice president of sales and marketing for Epoch.

VS noted that it will have members of its Affiliate and Billing Departments at the upcoming Phoenix Forum beginning March 29.

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