Lucas Entertainment Premieres 'The Last Day' Online

NEW YORK — Part one of Michael Lucas and Marc MacNamara's new apocalyptic porn-actioner "The Last Day" premieres today online at

The film is the studio's follow-up to the XBIZ award-winning hit man-thriller "Assassin."

Scripted by MacNamara, "The Last Day" follows Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi as he arrives from a trip at sea to the island of Ibiza and discovers that its only inhabitants are a group of men convinced that the end of days is upon them. 

Will Helm, Kriss Aston and Isaac Jones take Agassi in and show him a looping broadcast that reveals that "the tampering of scientists searching for the elusive Higgs Boson — the God Particle — at the CERN facility in Switzerland has caused instability in the Earth’s core, and the world will end in six days."

"The Last Day" also stars Damien Crosse, Rafael Carreras, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and newcomer Adriano Carrasco. The film will be released on DVD on March 30.