XR Brands Debuts ‘Master Series’ of ‘Extreme’ Fetish Tools

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has released the Master Series collection of unique tools and toys made for advanced players in the niche fetish and BDSM realms.

The complete Master Series product line features stainless steel “toys” and accessories, silicone instertables, clamps, weights, jewelry, sensation play items, cock-and-ball torture/play and domination/humiliation tools. All are available for order this month.

“XR Brands saw this was an underserved product market in need of a strong company to step up and create a collection like none other in the industry,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “The Master Series is for the next-level, advanced player in these unique fetish domains.”

The Master Series collection is comprised of 25 items with 50 more coming on board later this season, all packaged in a 360-degree-view concept that features each product suspended within a mirrored chambered box. The design was born from the mind of XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill, the company said.

“Our products — and packaging — are unlike any others on the market so we make sure to design merchandising tools that allow retailers to display them as complete, outstanding brands,” Merrill said. “We created the Master Series with a nod to the advanced BDSM community – taboos are fading, and with this new brand we’re able to help people around the world explore new sexual horizons.”

Retailers are encouraged to showcase the Master Series in their stores’ fetish and BDSM sections separately from traditional sex toy areas so as to reinforce the unique nature of the product line, the company said.

“There’s nothing like the Master Series on the market,” Alvstad said. “Our clients have requested a line of products like these, which until now were not readily available to them, and we’re happy to provide a fully merchandised collection we know their customers will love!”

For sales information please email Alvstad at randy@xrbands.com.

To see the full collection, visit TheMaster-Series.com.