Dennis Hof, Heidi Fleiss to Open Sci-fi Fantasy Brothel

LAS VEGAS — Moonlite Bunny Ranch proprietor Dennis Hof has dreamt up a new way to part sci-fi geeks from their druggats (currency on Tatooine). Nevada’s most successful brothel entrepreneur has teamed up with former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss to open a space themed cathouse.

Currently under construction just a few miles away from Nevada’s famed Area 51 military base, Hof and Fleiss’ new business venture aims to draw in the Comic-Con crowd with props and sets inspired by beloved sci-fi classics such as “Star Wars,” “Avatar,” and “Star Trek.”

Hof even envisions a Starship Enterprise room complete with Captain James T. Kirk’s chair.

Costumes will also play a big role. Not only will the ladies of the evening look like Slave Leia’s and sexy blue Na’vi aliens, but patrons will also have the option of keeping their capes and Riddick sunglasses on during their visit.

“A lot of our business at the Bunny Ranch is gamers,” Hof told ABC News. “Because of the computers and because of games, men sometimes don’t develop the social skills that they used to. It’s not as much physical as it is mental, and the fact that you can try living out fantasies– it doesn’t hurt anybody. You just have a little fun, and then you go home.”