Jurors See More Videos in Isaacs Obscenity Case

LOS ANGELES -- When court reconvenes at 8 a.m. Friday morning, another movie will be played to jurors in Ira Isaacs' obscenity trial, which will be in its fifth day.

On Thursday, trial opened with the showing of one of the two charged movies that Isaacs himself directed and co-starred in, "Hollywood Scat Amateurs 7." Another movie, "Hollywood Scat Amateurs 10," later was played. Jurors on Wednesday viewed "Mako's First Time Scat."

Tomorrow, when jurors come back to U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles, they will view "Japanese Doggy 3 Way," approximately 1:37 in length.

According to approved pretrial descriptions of the video, the film begins with a female, "Mako," masturbating in a moving car. The video then shows the female inside of a house.

At one point, a male brings two full-sized dogs into the house. The female then undresses and the dogs begin to lick the female all over her body, to include her breasts and vagina.

The female then masturbates and performs oral sex on one of the dogs. The dog subsequently ejaculates into the female’s mouth.  The female then proceeds to have vaginal intercourse with both dogs.

At one point in the video, the female is simultaneously performing oral sex on one dog and having vaginal intercourse with the other dog.  

On Thursday, testimony continued with FBI Special Agent James Myrick, as well as LAPD Lieutenant Kyle Lewison and computer forensics expert Matthew Lee Goward. Another witness was Marlayna Trickett, who served as Isaacs' secretary for about two years.

The prosecution on Thursday indicated that it would rest its case after jurors view "Japanese Doggy 3 Way."