PussyCash Announces $269 March ImLive Payouts

Bob Johnson

CYPRUS — PussyCash.com has announced $269 ImLive.com payouts for the month of March.

“We wanted our webmasters’ profits to roar ahead this month so we raised our industry leading high payouts to an even higher level. With this new PussyCash campaign, you will make incredible $269 payouts for all your ImLive sign-ups above and beyond your March sign-up goal,” said PussyCash's Shay Efron.

He added, “Plus, you’ll make $100 for every sign-up you send leading up to and including your goal.”

The promotional campaign covers sign-ups on all platforms and is open to veteran and new webmasters alike.

“March can be a very lucrative month for webmasters. With $269 ImLive March payouts, you can be the king of your niche and make a fortune. Go ahead and upload the latest promo tools on PussyCash. Need a special banner to exponentiate your traffic? Tell us and we’ll get it done,” added Adam Scheuer, PussyCash affiliate director.

The company said the March campaign is sure to spark webmasters interest and increase traffic to ImLive.

PussyCash noted that its executives will be on hand at the European Summit in Barcelona, Spain, March 5-8 and then at the Phoenix Forum, March 29 through April 1 in Tempe, Arizona.

“We are a premium sponsor of the Phoenix Forum, plus the registration sponsor. Make sure to come and say hi to us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions or tell you about our new products, programs and promotions,” Shay said.

For more information on the program visit the PussyCash website.